Our First Year

Flying Lemur Games is just a little over one year old. And during that year, even with us old industry veterans, we have learned a lot – both good and bad. And when we say bad, we don’t mean it as something horrible, just some things not going as smoothly as we thought they would.

First let’s look at the good.

We were able to bring two games to market and finance a third, which is amazing. Our first game, which we licensed through Spielworxx, was North American Railways (2nd Edition). This 18XX title that plays in about 45 minutes is actually becoming a sleeper hit. On the outside, this game doesn’t look like much. But Essen attendees can’t be wrong, buying out the entire print run in 2016 over the course of the convention. The game has a surprising amount of depth as players vie to become the most successful rail baron at the turn of the century. Purchase stock – or keep others from purchasing the stock you need – and either diversify with a number of different companies or focus on growing a monopoly. Then use the railway’s savings to license access to cities which will earn you money. Balancing the amount paid for a railroad company while retaining the most money you can is critical to your success. As people play this game, you can see the wheels start turning and, from every group that plays it, there are one or two players who purchase it for their collection. Like we said – becoming a sleeper hit.

Then we brought another Spielworxx game to market – Solarius Mission 2nd Edition. MiKe & ode.’s  (La Granja) epic space exploration title hit Kickstarter mid-year and funded very quickly. We are upgrading components – ridiculously so! – and adding game variants not available in the original version. Plus, new ships, extra planets and some amazing components are the highlight of this great title. We’re still working on the game, and it will be coming out soon.

Finally, we brought back The Cousins’ War, a compact war game that, like North American Railways, reduces the extensive playing time of most games of its type, condensing it down to about 30 to 45 minutes. Utilizing 17 cards, two sets of dice and a map of England, The Cousins’ War recreates the battle between the Yorks and the Lancasters which ultimately became known as The Wars of the Roses. With must-use cards, a smidgeon of Liar’s Dice, and a lot of strategy, The Cousins’ War is a game that is easily carried with you and played over a lunch break. We licensed this one through Surprised Stare Games, and we can’t wait for you guys to experience the big game in a little box.

Now, onto the bad, if you can call it that.

This is the first time that we have not worked full time for a board game publisher, so we have experienced some time issues as we work at our normal 9 to 5 jobs and try to get all the stuff done that needs to happen to get these games into your hands. So, Solarius Mission has gone over schedule and will be coming out later than we anticipated.  And while we hate that this is happening, we know the extra time it’s taking to bring this game to the table is going to be well worth it in production quality.

We were also disappointed with the performance of  Dark Side of the Mine on Kickstarter. But we know what we need to improve and we’re getting ready to bring it back to the crowdfunding platform during the first quarter.

What’s in store for 2019?

Well, we will have a major announcement in the coming weeks. Let’s just say that we have signed a contract with a VERY big name designer and will be bringing his newest game to Kickstarter very soon.

We have Dark Side of the Mine going back onto Kickstarter as well (as mentioned earlier).

In addition, we have sent letters of intent to publish a party game by a brand new designer that will have you dancing in your seats, if all goes as planned. We have signed an agreement with Kenneth C. Shannon III and Robert Burke to produce their Unicorn-themed game. At least, part of that game will be unicorn-themed. There are some big plans for this one that will make it, what we believe, a first-of-its-kind production. (Never let it be said we at FLGS don’t try to reach for the stars when bringing a game to life.) And we have at least two more games we are looking at licensing and bringing to market.

We’re thrilled you’re on this journey with us, and we truly thank you for your support and interest. If we may, let us ask you to help us get the word out about this little company and the great games we’re bringing to your tables.

Here’s to a fantastic 2019!