BGG Con was held last week and, with 2,900+ attendees, it was one of the more intimate and fun conventions to attend during the year. And this year, a good friend, Mark Sierens from Vile Genius Games, offered to let us share some of his booth space in order to show off North American Railways.

It’s always interesting showing a game that is approximately four months from being released. You run the risk of people getting excited about the game, then forgetting about it as new games are released during that down time. However, showing a game this far out and describing our plans for its printing and release can also be fantastic gauge on how well we are doing. And let’s just say that, based on the reactions and comments, we are doing very well.

First, with the game laid out, many people were attracted to its particular section of the booth. And when we said that NAR was an 18XX game playable in 45 minutes, the eyes widened and ears perked up. With a gameplay explanation of under 3 minutes, we had literally dozens of people taking photos of the box and taking our business cards so they could remember the game. And then we played it at a friend’s house during their game night and in the BGG game hall. In total, we did seven demos over two nights and then once at a Brazilian restaurant while having some wonderful libations in their cigar lounge. We played one four player and the rest five players and, not once, did we get a negative comment. Which, to us, was amazing because of how specialized the title is.

You could say we’re exaggerating in order to sell the game. Marketing to the max in order to build excitement. Well, the latter is true. The former, not. We were as surprised as anyone to hear the great comments about how easy the game was to pick up yet how deep the strategy.

So, thanks to all who played the game with us. We can’t wait for April to arrive and the game getting into your hands and onto your game tables.