North American Railways

North American Railways


It’s the 19th century. Railroads are expanding into the new world. Invest wisely in the numerous upstart companies in order to become the wealthiest Rail Baron and take control of the North American Railways.

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You are a wealthy entrepreneur in the 19th century ready to expand your wealth by investing in this new, exciting venture – Railroads. The rail lines are racing to build their systems to every city and state in the union, and you see great potential in this enterprise. But you don’t want to place all your eggs in one basket, as it were. So you spread your money around, investing in different rail companies, knowing some will fail, but others will more than likely pay off in a big way.

Purchase shares of stock in the five different rail lines. Decide what cities will be connected. The more cities a rail line connects, the greater the profits – and it’s all about that Return On Investment. Will you become the next Rail Baron? Invest wisely and it just might happen.

North American Railways features an easy to learn rule set while providing deep, strategic decisions round by round.

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  1. FlyingLemur2017

    Easy rules, hard decisions
    This unassuming game gives rise to a huge number of tactical decisions. Players accumulate stock and participate in building up the railroads’ city portfolios. There is plenty of player interaction, and the rules are simple. This reprint has one-sided paper money (to facilitate hidden cash) and symbols for the color-blind. It also plays quickly. A first-rate release!

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