We are currently accepting submissions.

Please read the information below, then fill in the form to submit your game.

By submitting your board game to us for consideration, you grant Flying Lemur Game Studio LLC the right to set up play groups to evaluate the game’s playability at the various player counts. You are not turning over the rights to the game.

If we like your submission, we will contact you to set up a time when we can see the game in more detail. This will be done in one of the following ways:

  • Sending us a prototype
  • Meeting in person at a convention or unpub event
  • Producing a video of the game being played

Your game must be:

  1. Fully developed, not just an idea
  2. Have gone through at least a half-dozen play tests
  3. Have written rules in .doc or .pdf format
  4. Be unique. There are no new themes, but it must not be a total derivative of existing board game

You must be:

  1. Able to take criticism
  2. Be willing to make changes
  3. Be part of a team, not a lone wolf

While you may feel your game is complete, and we may think it’s perfect for our company to publish, there is a high probability we will want to make changes or tweak certain elements to take the game to its next level. These changes could be anything from modifying the theme to make it more relevant in today’s marketplace to the graphical representation of the pieces.

If you are inflexible and not willing to make changes, then FLGS is not the game studio for you. We respect that and wish you the best as you continue to strive to get your game published.

Print-n-Play submissions are fine. Please make sure to provide the link to your Dropbox account so we can download the files.

Game Submission Form

Before you send us your idea, please review our
Game Design Checklist
to verify it meets our guidelines.